Xcom 2 Console Commands And Cheats {Super Edtion}

Xcom 2 Console Commands And Cheats TechOr
Xcom 2 Console Commands And Cheats TechOr

The year 2016 saw to the introduction of a game that is widely described by its developers (Firaxis Games) as a turn-based tactics video game- XCOM 2.

Xcom 2

The game, which was published precisely on the 5th of February 2016 by a known game company 2K games was released for gaming platforms like Microsoft Windows, Linux, and the OS X.

It was further released later that same year on the play station 4 and the Xbox one platform as a result of the fame it gained in such a short period. The game XCOM 2 is coming after the XCOM: Enemy Unknown reboot of the 2012 series.

XCOM 2 : The GamePlay

The story of the game is about the event which took place about 20 years ago when a military organization that went into a war with an alien invasion but lost the fight and has now formed a resistance force opposing the occupation of the aliens on earth.

The XCOM 2 gameplay has to do with casting the game player as the commander of the military organization which has now become a mere resistance force against the alien’s habitation on the earth.

Role Of The Players

The role of the player as the commander is to command members of his squad as they go to battle against the aliens. He is also in control of the department in charge of researches and engineering in the organization to supervise the development of new gadgets, technologies, and weapons that they will employ in their fights and mission.

He also does the job of recruiting of new soldiers with different skills and abilities into the military squad.

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XCOM 2 Console Commands and Cheats

Like every other video games and more similar to its previous version, there are so many XCOM 2 console commands and codes. Cheats to overcome stagnant regions in the game as well as enjoy the unquantifiable experience that comes with the XCOM 2 game.

Many gamers prefer using the cheats for this game because unlike some game cheats, the use of the games cheat codes and console commands does not in any way prevent the player from the achievements that are meant to be gotten at any point in the game.

Gaming Experience

Although the use of these XCOM 2 console commands can make your gaming experience less challenging and exciting as it cheapens most of the tasks and missions for you, however people still prefer to make use of them only in extremely difficult missions and task.

Before applying the XCOM 2 console commands and its cheat, your game launch option needs to be modified a bit to accept it.

The modification is simply done by locating the game at the steam library of your player; choose the game properties after right-clicking on the XCOM 2.

After selecting the game properties, find the “Set Launch Options” button and click on it, then you can now type in the cheat code and XCOM 2 console commands of your choice.

Easier Codes

To make it easier for you in using commands, once in a game, just press the tilde key (`) in-game, then the console for command will show up immediately.

Note that the XCOM 2 console commands will obviously not work when you are trying to use them while in a fight. The commands are applied mainly before or after a fight.

Basic Combat Tips You Need To Know As a Beginner

Get A Primary View Of The Battlefield First

The graphics of the XCOM 2 game is designed in such a way that it shows the full battlefield for you during each fight.

However, it is much to your advantage to first go through the entire map of the battlefield before the fight to feel what the area looks like and also plan for battle strategies bearing in mind the possible hideout of your enemies.

Covers Are Of Uttermost Importance

During a fight, it is not advisable for the safety of your military squad to leave any of your XCOM soldiers in the battlefield without proper cover.

Let every military move you make come with some of your soldiers providing cover for you, preferably between your enemies and you.

Consider All Your Options First Before Making Any Move

There is enough time for you before each move. So utilize the times in checking through your entire square to find out their position and consider all the option available to you.

A close look will show you quite some options you have, make sure that the move you are about to make is certainly the best out of all the options available not by guesswork.

To succeed in this game, always make your moves count for something.

Recruit And Blood Your Soldiers

Using and relying on about six (6) soldiers to complete every mission for you is a suicide mission in its self-right from the beginning.

This advice is because either they die in the cause of a fight or they are severely injured and may take a long time in healing.

It is much better to recruit as much soldier as you can (probably 10 to 15) from the beginning of the game also blood them early as well. This move would help to prevent such situations.

Explosives Are Quite Helpful

Armors can be very dangerous when used against you by the enemies during a fight. But with the help of explosives, you can shred an armor being used against you.

In moving for an attack, it is always to your advantage if you lead the attack with some rounds of explosives.

These explosives shred armors used by the enemy, destroy their setup covers and on a general note expose your enemies and make them vulnerable to you and your squad attacks.

This use of explosives comes very come into play in a situation you are facing an ambush from the concealment; the explosives ensures that you get the appropriate value for your actions.

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Final Words

While underscoring the major tips to an enjoyable game, XCOM 2 console commands are inevitable for most progresses required from any gamer.