Subnautica Map Cheats, Codes and Console Commands

Subnautica Map Cheats, Codes and Console Commands TechOr
Subnautica Map Cheats, Codes and Console Commands TechOr

Subnautica into the gaming world in 2014 was described by game lovers all over the world especially underwater game players as the bomb and has often been described by many as the most popular survival game in the world.

This is because never has an underwater video game come with so much modified graphics, tense, sound and adventures as the Subnautica.

It is known as an underwater game of adventures and explorations which allows you to go down into an alien aquatic planet that is made up perils and wonders at the same time.

Subnautica Map: The Intro

As you descend into this depth, you do so with several craft equipment such as submarines, scuba diving, and the rest all in a bid to survive.

After its initial release in 2014, December 16th on Steam Early Access, it was further released on Xbox One as well on 2016, May 17th.

The Success

The success of the game so far and the unquantifiable audience it has attracted since its inception has, therefore, necessitated the release of the game in a PlayStation 4 version as well. The plan for this release is fully underway, almost in its latest stages as the planned date for the release is on October 31st, 2017.

Options In Subnautica

The game starts with three basic options for you, which are Freedom, Survival, and Hardcore.

Whereas the freedom option comes with no water or calorie loss, the survival option has both water loss and calorie loss (normal survival standard).

Then the hardcore option is just like the survival option, the only difference is that it has just one life for you and no other chances.

The Subnautica Map & Cheat

The Subnautica cheat and Subnautica map commands were created and released to help players of the game in speeding up some settings during the team practice.

That also enables them to experience much better play during the game. Cheats for Subnautica game can be activated by simply opening the game menu by pressing F3 and “Disable Console” will display.

Press F8, once you see the display to move to a mouse pointer, and then activate the cheat mode by tapping on the box next to the Disable Console.

Once this step is completed, press both keys again and then “press enter” to open a box where you can type in the cheat code you want to use.

Subnautica Map Special

The box usually appears at the screen’s bottom left. The Subnautica map specifically is a guide to the various layout of the game to help game players in navigating easily during it game.

It is often updated from time to time and contains information such as rescue pod starting locations, locations of some underwater caves, and info about square markers (fragments). It also has locations of supply crate, locations of some egg, radiation areas, shortcuts and common routes to the room of auroras reactor, a location of teleport and other connections and entrances to caves.

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Basic Tips For Exploring & Surviving In The Subnautica Game

1. Learn The Basics Of The Fabricator

There is a craft wall mounted for you in the escape pod, called the Fabricator. It is the mini version of a crafting table. This fabricator is essential to your survival in the game as well as your enjoyment of the game.

So, to utilize the fabricator well, you need to learn and master its basics and develop plans of what you need to with it when you collect it.

2. The Craft You Oxygen Tanks

For you to effectively stay, breathe and swim underwater during the game for a longer period even more than is allowed by your body there is a definite need for two oxygen tanks.

These oxygen tanks help in staying longer underwater a reality; however, crafting them requires two titanium which is the most available element in the Subnautica, found in some rocks that are attached to landscapes underwater and then four quartz (white crystals lingering in bushes, caves, etc.).

Once these things have been gathered, head back to the fabricator, and then you can craft your oxygen tank there. Having done that, you can now stay underwater for as long as you want.

3. Craft For You An Air Bladder, First Aid Kit, Survival Knife, etc

During the time underwater, you are going to try your best to avoid some aggressive creature while on other occasions, you are going to be defending yourself from them as well.

As such, you need to craft for yourself some weapon to help you your defense. You need weapons such as the survival knife, first aid kits at least two of them, air bladders, which aid you in diving deeper and shooting you up to surface.

A scanner is needed as well to help you in scanning any little white box around to be sure what they are; then a sea glide is also an important weapon to craft as well because it gives you faster propelling through the water.

4. Get A Small Base For Yourself

Because for an ocean explorer like you, the crash pod in the game is small to store necessary things, there is a need for a new home. Even though you desire to keep exploring deeper regions, it is always wise to have a safe and swallow base where you can always fall back.

Do well not to create your new room or station near the crash pod, because the crash pod can serve as an alternative base for you whenever you are far from the base you have created for yourself.

In creating the room, there is a need for a habitat builder. You can get this habitat builder by creating it from the fabricator; the tools section.

When the habitat builder is created, also create four foundations that will become a perfect square for you.

Final Words

The foundation is done first before the reinforcement is installed ensure sure that the base you are building is strong and water does not find its way into it.

Once the foundation is done with, you can get a multipurpose room created right on the top of the foundation.