Things To Know About IMO For PC

IMO for PC TechOr
IMO for PC TechOr

The IMO application allows the users to become connected with different people around the globe. The application can be downloaded and experienced in a matter of a few minutes. Whatever device you are using, you can install the app.

People are giving a tremendous response to this app since its advent throughout the whole world.

The number of platforms on which the app can be downloaded and used is also a reason behind its popularity. The user rating of this application is excellent.

The app has reached this place in a very short time due to the server response of IMO.


If you have searched a lot and finally got tired of finding the most accurate way to download and install IMO for your personal computer, here is a great solution for downloading the app to your computer.

IMO is supposed to be the only application for messaging and calls that is the right substitute to all the other messaging apps like WhatsApp, talk ray, etc.

It is one of the most reliable apps. The ex-employees of Google have developed this application. People search and download this app for their personal computer because IMO has become very popular with its Android users.

When you download the IMO application on your personal computer, you would be able to start enjoying video chats of very good quality.

Presently it got launched for the personal computer officially. People are downloading this app drastically and it is greatly competitive for lots of other apps.

The app was developed by the team of It was initially launched for the platform of Android.

After some time, it also became applicable to the platforms of iOS. Lots of people began to use this app and it gained a lot of fame in a very short period. Many of its users became the fans of this app because of its functionalities.

They can be found on the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. The developers of the app keep on updating it, due to which its users are increasing day by day.

Even the people who seem to be hesitant about using WhatsApp, they also show their interest in using this application. It is a great achievement for the developers of the app. The actual reason for its popularity is because of its excellent features.

IMO can be downloaded for PC in multiple ways. It is available for different platforms that include mobile Android, Windows phone, Windows PC, and iOS. There are numerous people who use Windows as their operating system for their PCs.

You can find the easiest ways for installing the app for PC. Although the IMO app has not been officially launched for Windows, still it is easier to download it for Windows than MAC.

Features Of IMO

The features of IMO and different ways to download it will be discussed below:

  1. It lets you send messages to your friends, family, and other people, you do not have to send SMS anymore.
  2. The privacy protection of IMO is supposed to better than Viber and WhatsApp to a great extent.
  3. The pics ringtone is amazing. It is distinctive from all the other application for video calls. Disable the option of notifications after you install the app on your phone or PC.

There are lots of stickers of IMO for PC for reflecting the emotions of its users and their mood.

It lets you talk to your friends and family even for the extended period. The clarity of speech in IMO for PC lets you keep on talking for a long time without getting tired.

One of the predominant features of IMO for PC is the feature of video calling; it is provided even on 2G internet.
IMO for PC is not just a messenger app for social media for sharing videos and images, but also provides some extra features like data usage, transmission speed, etc.

The time of transmission is 2x lesser as compared to all the other such apps. The Data usage is supposed to be 3x less. The transmission speed has also been enhanced even in the remote areas where there is a poor connectivity of the internet.

Language conversion is another important feature of IMO for PC. It is a fact that language is considered to be the greatest barrier to all the people around the globe.

There are lots of users who want to keep extending their social circle and want to contact people from different areas of the world. There are special updates made for such people in this application.

IMO For Mac

Later on, the IMO App was also launched for iOS and it gained a lot of popularity among the users of MAC as well especially in the western countries.

IMO is very helpful for chatting with your loved ones and video calling them no matter whether they use an iPhone or an Android Phone.

The IMO App is acting like a cross-platform app for communication. It means that it is not important that two persons can only get connected if they are using the app on the same platform, rather they can be using any different apps. This works perfectly on all the platforms.

It is a great news for the users of Apple that IMO is available for MAC PC as well. The app can be downloaded for following some of the easy and simple steps in just a few minutes.

IMO for MAC is nowadays considered to be the most trending app for video calling as well as chatting. With the help of this application, you can stay connected and linked with your loved ones even if you are using it for MAC.

The data connection for it is also very low in cost. In Gulf countries and European countries, this app is greatly used. It is an exceptional application because of the many unique features offered by it, including a great number of stickers, high transmission data speed, etc.

How To Install IMO For PC

Two different ways are available that can be used for downloading IMO for PC. One of the ways is to directly download the app to your PC while the other way to download it is by installing the Bluestack emulator first. You can follow the simple steps given below.

For downloading the IMO app for your personal computer by using the Bluestack emulator, first, you have to download the app of Bluestacks from their website officially.

You are supposed to download and install the Android software that is encrypted in your computer system for downloading the IMO app for your pc. After you install the Android emulator completely, you have to search for IMO and then start installing it.

After it gets installed the Bluestacks app opens up and then shows you a list of different applications.

Then you have to type the name of the app “IMO” and then select the app “IMO” that you want to download and install to your PC. A verification of your Google Account would be required. For that, you must have an account on Gmail for accessing that and should have signed up if you have it already.

When this process gets completed a bar appears for downloading the app. You have to click there so that the download might begin and you get the setup for IMO for PC on your system.

After that, you have to install it in a simple way that you know already. That is it! IMO has not been launched officially for a personal computer. However, you still can download it in an easy way.

Advantages Of IMO For PC

Size Of The Application

The file that gets installed in your PC is supposed to be very small in size. When it gets installed it occupies very little storage space.

Video Calling and Chat Support

The app can be used for chatting with your family, friends and other people, you can also share pictures, videos, etc.

Low size of cache files

There are very few numbers of cache files created by the IMO app for PC and for other platforms as well. It ensures that the users will not have to face any problems related to the speed of your PC or phone.

Other Notable IMO Features Inculudes

There is a huge listing of stickers and there are more than one hundred and fifty categories for them. The users are also given an option for creating stickers of their own.

The quality of video in calling sessions is also great and the voice can also be heard clearly. It also works great even if you have a 2G connection of internet.

Group chats are also supported in IMO for PC. This is a similar feature to that of the group chat option on WhatsApp and other social media websites. However, you cannot make video calls in group chats.

You can also control the app in an outstanding way by changing the settings of the app according to your requirements.

The configurations can also be done on IMO for PC and you can set up the preferences as far as the notifications and some other settings are concerned.

PC Feature

One feature that makes IMO for PC different from lots of other apps is that it offers literally unlimited video and voice calling.

The experts have tested this application for offering the users a clearer and a better quality of video calls and voice calls even if you have a slow speed internet connection.

The connection of the other person with whom you want to get connected also does not matter at all.

In short, the benefits of the app include that it lets you make audio and video calls of high quality; it encrypts the calls made by the users entirely for ensuring a sense of privacy; lots and lots of stickers for expressing your emotions in a better way and the features of group chat.

The users should also know about some of the cons of IMO for PC, so here they are. The app cannot be used with the connectivity of the internet of course.

Well, this is not an issue because all the online apps always need an internet connectively in order to be used. Another issue is that the battery of your phone gets consumed quickly. However, it is not an issue if you are using the app for PC.

IMO and Skype – A Comparison

  • IMO has got a better rating on play store as compared to Skype.
  • The media files can be transferred quickly as compared to the transference of files in Skype.
  • The GUI of IMO is better than that of Skype.
  • IMO does not let you make group video chats; however, Skype lets you do video chats in groups with some limitations.
  • IMO lets you make a video call even if you have a 2G connectivity of the internet, but Skype does not let you do so.
    Instant chatting is also faster when you use IMO as compared to Skype.
  • You can send your current locations in IMO but not in Skype.
  • The space that you require for downloading and installing the IMO app is lesser than the space occupied by Skype.
    You can set up your current status on Skype but there is no such option in IMO yet.
  • Skype lets you set up your online availability, however, IMO app does not let you do so.
  • You can’t declare that one of the apps is better than the other. However, it was just a comparison to know about the differences between the two apps.

Final Thoughts

IMO for PC is a very successful and amazing app and you should try it if you haven’t downloaded and installed it yet. You will also recommend it to other people after trying it once.